I went to college at 17 were I completed a two year course in hair and beauty. This course prepared me for all industries involving hair and beauty. At the end of my second year I secured a position with Vidal Sasoon Hair Salon in Knightsbridge. I stayed for three months however, because I was not from their school of teaching I was not considered a priority student and their students needed to be placed within Vidal Sasoon. Vidal Sasoon was kind enough to offer me a position once I became a stylist.

I went on to work for Fabulous Fingers Nail Studio where I learnt the art of nail sculpturing. I learnt all the nail sculpturing systems such as gel, acrylic, silk wrap and fibreglass. I built myself a reputation and won several nail competitions in the meantime.

After a year I left Fabulous Fingers and joined Alan D's in the West End. Mr Alan had several businesses but I was based in the West End. Because I was an all rounder and able to work with Afro and European hair I was frequently seconded to the other salons particularly when they were short staffed. Four years later I felt I had learnt all I could to endeavour running my own salon.

At this point I wanted to have a baby and so I took some time away from the industry and gave birth to my son, Jahmal. For three and a half years I worked from home. I finally opened my own salon which is now on its ninth year. My reputation has continued to grow and I had the privilege to work at many events including The Brits and M.O.B.O award shows. I have worked at the Brits twice, working for Beyonce, the Black Eye Peas and 50 cent. The following year I worked with Snoop Dogg and Pharell. For the M.O.B.O debut awards show I did the makeup at the nominations. The following year I did hair and makeup for various artists, dancers and presenters.

I have worked on a wide range of video and photo shoots, travelling around the UK and abroad. I also feature in a Television show called Sisterhood where I advise and demonstrate makeup, makeovers and tips for hair, nails and skin.

I am extremely confident with my reputation within the industry and feel the need to branch out a little further, therefore In 2009 I intend to close the Salon and return to the world of freelancing.

Diana Francis