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I offer a wide range of services for European and Afro hair and make-up. For hair I offer colouring, straightening, permining, cornrows and weaving, For make-up, anything from day to evening. With competitive prices within the market of hair and beauty I offer make over’s for wedding and social functions to fit every occasion, ensuing that you look your best for your event. Using professional products to get the best results for your hair and face.

I work with professional film/video companies, large productions and small companies, setting up hair and make-up for performers, presenters and clients. I deal with a myriad of professional people e.g. beauty therapist, and make-up artist at my disposal for any event possible.

[van_feature title=”Styling” image=”576″]I provide a wide range of styling be it for Afro and European hair for men and women. A good cut will always help to create the perfect finish to your hairstyle.
[/van_feature][van_feature title=”Colour” image=”571″]Colour is always good when you need a change It can also help to create depth, thickness, make a person look softer
And make them feel fierce
[/van_feature][van_feature title=”Relaxer & Perm” image=”575″]A relaxer can take your hair from Afro or European curly to straight. To give a smooth or edged out structured look A perm can take your hair from straight to curly. To give your hair bodied, fullness and sometimes just to give height at the roots[/van_feature][van_feature title=”Treatments ” image=”577″]I provide two types of treatments Protein and moisturising treatments. Protein will help to thicken and strengthen your hair but doesn’t put moisture back into the hair this is why we use moisture treatments Moisture treatments will help to give shine, manageability, and softness
[/van_feature][van_feature title=”Locks, Twist, Weave & Cornrow” image=”573″]Locks, twist
Twists are a temporary look A good alternative than locks

Weave is a good way to change your hair to any type of look long or short different, colours can be good way to keep on trend

This has been around for centuries and is always going to be around, a good way to put your hair away and create different styles for any hair type
[/van_feature][van_feature title=”Makeup ” image=”574″]I do make up for weddings, going out in the evenings and parties makeup doesn’t have to be thick and heavy, it can be just enough to enhance your looks
[/van_feature][van_feature title=”Eyelashes Extensions” image=”572″]Eyelashes extensions are good to help enhance your eyes to make them look bigger
I do temporary lashes for a day and individual lashes that can last up to 2 weeks
which will need infills to maintain [/van_feature]